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Graphic Novels: Teaching Up to Their Potential | A Webinar Rebroadcast

Graphic novels have come a long way since their debut, being embraced by kids, librarians, and many teachers. The stigma about graphic novels not being “real” books is (almost) gone. But are educators using graphic novels to their full potential? What literacy skills can be practiced and honed using graphic novels? Which books are best for which purposes? Who still needs to be convinced that graphic novels have a role in promoting literacy—and how?    As a follow up to our popular webinar “Not Just for Kids: How to Use Picture Books with Tweens and Teens,” we are hosting a powerhouse panel of experts—Betsy Bird, Shveta Miller, Susannah Richards, and Ted Anderson—who will discuss using graphic novels with all types of readers at all grade levels.    Are you taking full advantage of the skill-building potential provided by graphic novels? Join us to learn more about the benefits of using graphic novels, and come away with a recommended book list and strategies to employ right away. You can access the resources referenced in this webinar at our website. 

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