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90: Interview | Talking Politics & Religion with Corey Nathan

This week we are excited to share our conversation with Corey Nathan of the Talkin' Politics & Religion Without Killin' Each Other podcast. To everyone's delight, we did get into politics and religion and did not, in fact, kill each other. Corey shares his conversion testimony, talks about his relationship with Ravi Zacharias & RZIM and how he's processed things in the last couple of years, as well as living well with and loving the people in our lives with whom we do not see eye to eye on important things. We hope you enjoy this episode, and if you do be sure to share it someone! Shoutouts: Fortune by Lisa Sharon Harper Traveler's Blues Advisory Opinions podcast Vince: Anime YT channels (get names from Vince) RDCworld1 & CalebCity Trevor: Pyrex Picasso Philip: SICK! Earl Sweatshirt Follow Corey and TP&R: TP&R Podcast Corey's Twitter TP&R Twitter Corey's Instagram TP&R Instagram Follow Us: This week we are sponsored by Chris Hotchkiss, American Family. If you're in the Kansas City area, reach out to Chris for a quote or second opinion at: Website: Email: Phone: 913-268-8200 Share Your Questions/Suggestions/Feedback With Us: Email: Phone: 913-703-3883 Support Us: Support the show with an individual donation on CashApp to $TheSubstancePod or become a monthly supporter at the Anchor link below! --- Support this podcast:

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