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153: Bradly Mason Replay (Ep. 56)

Hey friends! We are in a busy season at the moment and are working on a number of exciting things for The Substance and to help give us some time to do things at a high level, we are going to take a few weeks to replay some classic episodes from our 150+ show library. Our conversation with Bradly in 2021 was the fastest episode to hit 1,000 downloads and for good reason! We talked not only about CRT but about how and why conversations focused on addressing societal shortcomings and human failure can so easily get hijacked by bad actors and have many people in the general public confused and worked up, often by the wrong things. If this is your first time listening to this, we hope you like it! Let us know on social media or email us a note or a voicemail and tell us what you think. Reminder that we are still collecting for a thank you gift for Editor Dave for his great work at The Substance for the last year or so and if you send us something for him on CashApp ($thesubstancepod) make sure to let us know in the notes that it's for him! --- Support this podcast:

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