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156: The Straight Story feat. Tyler Huckabee Replay (Ep. 96)

Happy Father's Day! We will hopefully be back on track with our replay schedule here as we build up to our relaunch! Tyler Huckabee is someone who's work and perspective I've appreciated for a long time and it was a real joy to sit down and talk about movies and the work of David Lynch with him. We cover our mutual, less than virtuous, introduction to his work in Mulholland Drive, finding humanity in people of all walks of life, the value and wisdom of old age, the importance of tending to our relationships, the beauty of the Midwest & much more! Consider sharing this episode with a friend who loves the movie (or someone who you think would like it!) and if you have any suggestions for movies to cover on future episodes, please let us know! Shoutouts: Station Eleven (HBO Max) X-Men Hickman ⁠Amazon ⁠& ⁠Hoopla⁠ Follow Tyler: ⁠Twitter⁠ Instagram Substack ⁠The Relevant Podcast⁠ ⁠Cape Town podcast⁠ Follow Us: Instagram Twitter YouTube Channel Send us a note or audio message: Support Us: --- Support this podcast:

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