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82: Reflects | Can a Divorced Person Be a Pastor?

In October, the Rise & Fall of Mars Hill podcast had a story about a faithful church-planting pastor who lived his life in obscurity. His ministry had started off rocky because he graduated seminary at the same time that his wife left and divorced him for someone else. Today the guys consider the standards set for elders and church leaders, especially with regard to divorce. We work out our thoughts somewhat live in conversation as we weigh the need for character and upholding standards of integrity, but on the other hand the harm that can be caused by creating artificial rules on top of what Scripture says.  We'd love to read your thoughts on the show! Leave us a review, or join the conversation over at  Share your comments at or on our phone line! 913-703-3883 [Heads up that we recorded this in October too, so some of our comments apply to that time, rather than January 2022] Our Substance Shoutouts! Trev - "Citizens" Jon Guerra on Keeper of Days Vincent - "Dr. Death" Wondery Podcast Philip - "On Social Justice" by St. Basil Find us on social media: --- Support this podcast:

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