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Servant Leadership Theory That Isn’t Theoretical with Jim Britt

Connect With Bruce Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Subscribe to The Development Exponent ON THIS EPISODE Servant Leadership theory is a concept that became wildly popular for a time after the publication of Robert Greenleaf’s 1970 essay entitled, “The Servant As Leader.” But while intriguing, the theory can be empty without a flesh and blood example, so I’m tremendously thankful that on this episode of the podcast I get to introduce you to a man who embodies the concept. Jim Britt is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, where he has been part of the team since 2010. He’s also served on the teams of other influential organizations such as Ensynch, ConocoPhillips, and Motorola. Jim’s life and leadership lessons are those that come from being in the trenches. He's the kind of guy who does the hard work necessary to grow in both his personal and professional lives. His servant leadership and life, in general, will serve you well as you endeavor to continue your leadership development, so I invite you to listen. Outline of This Episode [1:01] There are multiple reasons I have invited Jim Britt to be my guest on this episode [4:30] The impact having 4 children across a wide age span impacts Jim’s attitude [8:43] Is the focus to be work-life balance or work-life synchrony? [15:28] Why mentoring is a win-win if it is done right [20:02] An account of once when the light came on for a mentee [24:43] The defining moment from Jim’s past that explains who he is [29:08] Value comes from understanding the stories of others [32:35] 3 actions you can take immediately after hearing this episode  Connect with Jim Britt Jim on LinkedIn Audio Production and Show notes by PODCAST FAST TRACK

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