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The Development Exponent: A Leadership Perspective

Bruce Holoubek



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Leadership Lessons Learned From Non-Profits, with Nick Curran

Subscribe to The Development Exponent After starting his accounting firm serving the for-profit world, Nick Curran had an “accidental” conversation that led him down the path his business was to follow for the foreseeable future — providing accounting services exclusively to non-profit organizations. As CEO of Numbers 4 Non-Profits, Nick leads a substantial team of accountants, consultants, assistants, and administrative professionals to, in his words, “Do the simple things right.” In this conversation, you’ll hear Nick describe why non-profit organizations tend to be more stable than their for-profit counterparts, the typical bumps in the road non-profits face, and why clear and quick communication is always the best course of action, no matter the issue.  Outline of This Episode [2:17] The road to providing accounting services for non-profit organizations [6:09] Difficult aspects of serving clients in the non-profit space [11:45] Why non-profit organizations tend to be more stable and successful [16:06] Misconceptions non-profit organizations have about their accounting [25:15] Staying connected to the original reasons you started a business [30:22] How a heart attack showed Nick the power of the relationships he’s built [35:10] Achievements Nick’s business has attained that he’s most proud of [38:01] Is there really a professional life / personal life division? [41:42] The struggle to hold team members accountable [48:00] Two things top decision-makers can make right now Connect with Nick Curran Numbers 4 Non-Profits Follow Nick on LinkedIn SPONSOR: First Business Bank – Take banking to the next level. Fuel business growth. Improve personal wealth gains. Elevate your banking expectations with a financial partner that delivers comprehensive business banking services – built on experience. Find out more at Connect With Bruce Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Subscribe to The Development Exponent Audio Production and Show notes by PODCAST FAST TRACK

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