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The Development Exponent: A Leadership Perspective

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Inspiring the Future through Game-Based Learning, with Dan White

Subscribe to The Development Exponent Creation is the key to learning. When we can apply what we learn, we make knowledge our own. My guest takes that belief to new levels. Dan White is the founder and CEO of Filament Games where their ultimate goal is to inspire people to learn more on their own. I knew I needed to speak with Dan White after watching his video about how to embrace failure. In the video, Dan shares his belief that failure should be expected and celebrated rather than avoided. I know you’ll be inspired by his passion for effective learning. Outline of This Episode [2:18] What does Filament Games do? [7:20] The importance of learning based games [12:04] Learning games now vs the past [18:07] Dreaming of the future of gaming [21:32] Moving from concept to client [30:24] Teaching robotics digitally [42:43] Where is Filament Games going next? [44:53] The power of failure Connect with Dan White Dan White on LinkedIn Filament Games SPONSOR: eWebinar – “Automated webinar” solutions are out there. Sadly, they’re little more than videos playing alongside some fake attendees. They achieve their basic purpose and provide information, but let’s face it... they’re one-sided and boring. We’ve made them fun and engaging. Check out for all the details! Connect With Bruce Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Subscribe to The Development Exponent Audio Production and Show notes by PODCAST FAST TRACK

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