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E70 - Roy Gottlieb (Co-founder & CEO of a VC backed stealth cybersecurity startup)

In this episode, we speak with Roy Gottlieb, currently the co-founder and CEO of a backed stealth cybersecurity startup. Before embarking on this latest venture, he spent almost a decade on the investor front, co-founding and serving as a general partner at Cardumen Capital, serving as an investment manager at Samsung Ventures, and collaborating with industry titans such as Lightspeed, Team8, Insight Partners and more. He was also the co-managing director of the Israeli YVCF (Young Venture Capital Forum) for six years, helping shape the next generation of venture capital leaders. We discuss: • Imposter syndrome, walking around with feelings of not being good enough • The importance of understanding the breadth of a topic and diving deep into one industry • Decision making, focus and choosing what not to do • The unique qualities that make for an industry expert • Competing with the giants of the world • The true power of professional relationships and deal flow in sourcing capital • ..and much more Enjoy your listen

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