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E73 - Omri Hurwitz (Media Entrepreneur and Tech Investor)

In this episode, we speak with Omri Hurwitz. He's a tech marketer and media strategist. His clients are some of the leading companies, billionaires, and tech startups He is also an investor and owns several media publications in the United States. And yet he’s only 28 years old. We discuss: • Media ownership, investing, and transparency the ease of regulations in the US compared to Israel. • How Omri found solace in writing during difficult times, and his unique approach and self-belief that led to eventual success, despite initial rejection from gatekeepers. • The importance of seeking feedback but not becoming obsessed with it. • The importance of speed in promotion - getting a product or company in a position of trust and influence as quickly as possible. • How podcast interviews with successful investors ended up with Omri becoming an investor. • Decisiveness and aggressiveness in entrepreneurship. • How Omri manifests desires through writing (including gratitude for what has not yet happened!) • The law of attraction, manifestation and asking the universe for opportunities. • A tactic of asking for something bigger after a rejection, to increase the chances of success. • And much more! Enjoy your listen!

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