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E64 - Idan Ofrat (Co-Founder & CPO, Fireblocks)

In this episode, we're traveling to the crossroads of cybersecurity and blockchain technology, where our guest has been a prominent figure and an influential force. Our guest is Idan Ofrat, CPO and co-founder of Fireblocks, a groundbreaking platform dedicated to securing digital assets, with over 600 employees and a large global customer base. When it comes to defending the cyber frontiers, Idan's track record speaks for itself. Prior to Fireblocks, Idan was a key player at C4 Security, which was acquired by Elbit Systems. His expertise isn't confined to the realm of cybersecurity alone. He's also an expert in decentralized technologies. He was the co-founder and CTO at Yeloha, a disruptive platform aiming to decentralize energy trading, and VP of Product at Orbs, a public blockchain designed for high-scale apps. In our conversation, we discuss: - Balancing parenthood and entrepreneurship - How to decide whether or not to become an entrepreneur - The importance of market validation - Breaking up with Co-founders - The inherent challenges that arise once you raise money - Shutting down a startup - Bootstrapping vs raising money - The valley of death - Conducting difficult conversations We hope you enjoy your listen

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