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E63 - Yair Snir (Managing Partner at Dell Technologies Capital)

In this episode, we speak with Yair Snir, he’s the managing partner of Dell Technologies Capital. With over a decade of experience in building companies, Yair has a keen eye for investing in innovative startups. His firm has backed over 145 startups, including some of the most successful companies in the tech industry such as DocuSign, JFrog, Netskope, Redis, and Zscaler. Prior to his role at Dell Technologies Capital, Yair held corporate leadership roles at ECI Telecom and Microsoft, where he gained valuable experience in managing teams and developing successful strategies. He's also founded and worked in various biotech companies, showcasing his versatility as a business leader. We discuss: • As a mindset, diving into deep waters and learning to swim • Along Yair’s career so far, what led him to choose his next steps • How navigating your career can be like riding a bicycle - keeping your balance and looking forward “If you look downwards at the wheel, you're most likely to fall“ • Overcoming naysayers (who will always be there) • The investment approval process in Dell Technologies Capital • What Yair looks for in a team • The revolution that is AI, and where data plays in • ..and more! Enjoy your listen! And if you want to contact Yair his email is:, his LinkedIn:

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