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E58 - Ifty Kerzner (Co-founder Kissterra)

In this episode, we speak with Ifty Kerzner. He׳s first and foremost a creator. He was a fairly known singer, and composer in Israel, with several successful hits, a tv host, and a journalist. But he wasn’t satisfied. So he realigned his goals and pivoted. He co-founded Kissterra - a startup that helps insurance companies increase profitability through artificial intelligence. They’ve raised a $76M Series A, and had refused an offer to sell for $40M (but we don’t go into that in our conversation). His energy can be felt from the get go. He’s sensitive and super passionate, speaking openly about pain and failure, not trying to paint a perfect picture of life. Which is admirable. Listening to him made us wonder how much charisma and the ability to hold a strong stage presence, can be an advantage in entrepreneurship. We discuss: - The difference between competence and arrogance - The effect of parenthood on his self-confidence - How pain fuels his life - The power of strong partnerships - Going to therapy with your business partner - Intuition and emotion - And much more Enjoy your listen

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