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Nancy Taylor, Co-Founder of époque évolution & VP of Design at Lolë Brands

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, Top Retail Expert Cathy McCabe sits down with Nancy Taylor, Co-Founder of époque évolution and VP of Design at Lolë Brands. Nancy brings over a decade of experience as a senior designer at renowned brands such as Athleta and Gaiam. Her passion for fitness and wellness has been pivotal in revolutionizing the athletic apparel industry, infusing functionality with everyday wearability. Nancy's focus on sustainability and responsible manufacturing led to the creation of époque évolution, where she continues to drive impactful change in the fashion landscape. With a deep understanding of the evolving consumer mindset, Nancy Taylor's expertise offers invaluable insights into embracing sustainable practices and promoting a mindset shift among customers. "Stay open, stay curious, and constantly try to invent and look at newer ways that solve problems. Fashion is one thing, but for us, functional fashion is to solve problems for the customer and make the ease of her choice and the ease of her day and what she wears simpler for her." - Nancy Taylor Resources: Nominate the next Global Retail Leader: Connect with us on LinkedIn: For more retail insights visit If you enjoyed this episode, please let us know by subscribing to our channel and giving us a 5 star rating on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Goodpods! – – – – – – Hosted by Cathy McCabe Produced by Gabriella Bock Research by Maggie Schwenn


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