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Mary Abbajay: Managing Up

The quality of the relationship with your boss has a major impact on your career, satisfaction and even your overall wellness and health. And yet, it’s much easier to find advice and guidance on how to be a good boss than on how to manage a relationship with one. In this episode, Mary Abbajay, the author of the best-selling Managing Up: How to Move Up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss. shares how you can take control of your career by managing up.  Episode Highlights Here are some of the themes that we explore in this conversation: Why so many people still have terrible bosses The unique nature of the relationship between a boss and a team member What’s at stake when you are not managing the relationship with your boss The boss spectrum: from the unicorn boss to the toxic boss The three choices we have when faced with a difficult situation Why people tend to spend 30% more time working for toxic bosses than for good bosses Key principles to managing your boss really effectively How to avoid being delusional about who we are and who our boss is How to give feedback to a boss that has a negative impact on the team’s culture How to deal with a micromanager

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