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Chip Conley - The New Age of Wisdom: The Rise of a Modern Elder

This month on the CultureLab podcast, we're diving deep into the intricacies of a multigenerational workforce. You know the scene: Boomers nostalgically talking about "the way we used to do things," Gen Xers serving as the bridge between old and new, Millennials demanding meaningful work, and Gen Zers, the digital natives through and through. It's a variety of perspectives that can either invigorate or implode a workplace. How do you navigate through these differing viewpoints without losing your mind or your patience? This series of episodes aims to answer just that and we are kicking it off with an outstanding guest, Chip Conley. Chip disrupted the hospitality game not once but twice and co-founded the Modern Elder Academy. His upcoming book, "Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age," aims to make the case that wisdom isn't obsolete; it's making a comeback. We'll talk about what it means for experience to have its day in the sun again and how workplaces can be fertile grounds for both wisdom and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a newbie just starting out, this episode is going to have something for you. Stick around; you won't want to miss this deep dive into age, work, and the many layers in between. To join CultureBrained® with a 25% discount (only in October) go to To learn more about our accreditation program, go to To access our free resources and materials on cultivating thriving cultures, click here:

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