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THE DEEP DIVE with Aga and Shani: Deep Fun at Work

In this Deep Dive Aga and Shani delve deep into a topic that has fascinated Aga for almost a decade – what drives people to do their absolute best work. Over the years, she's posed this question to more than 3000 individuals and discovered something truly unexpected: peak performance at work is often closely linked to one surprising factor - having fun. But not the kind of fun associated with ping-pong tables and office parties. Instead, it's all about deriving genuine enjoyment from the work itself. Join Aga and Shani in this illuminating conversation as they explore the concept of "Deep Fun" and its profound impact on workplace performance.  To join CultureBrained® with a 25% discount (until end of November) go to To learn more about our accreditation program, go to To access our free resources and materials on cultivating thriving cultures, click here:

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