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Rachel Botsman - Unlocking the Power of Trust

You meet a new colleague for the first time, and… something clicks! You trust them, but you don't know why. Then, on another day, you're teamed with someone you’ve known and worked with for a while but a barrier stands in the way. That's the enigma of trust. It isn't merely about familiarity. It’s about something more elusive - an intangible connection that either binds or separates us. In the workplace, trust certainly isn’t a nice to have; it's vital for working relationships to thrive. It can elevate a team to excellence, speed things up, and create an environment where innovation and creativity flourish. Conversely, a lack of trust can become a stumbling block, slowing progress to a crawl, stifling ideas, and fostering a climate of doubt and uncertainty. Given the importance of trust, we wanted to understand it better and so we invited one of the world’s leading trust experts, Rachel Botsman, a Trust Fellow at Oxford University. Tune in to learn why trust is contextual, how to nourish it in a remote environment, how to repair it and more! To join CultureBrained® go to To learn more about our accreditation program, go to To access our free resources and materials on cultivating thriving cultures, click here: Interview with Daniel Coyle on the CultureLab podcast- The Culture Playbook

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