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Nikki Gatenby: Putting People and Purpose First

Our guest today is Nikki Gatenby. Nikki is a business consultant and best selling author, specializing in the field of culture and engagement at work, having been featured in The Guardian, The Times, Management Today, Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Rebels. Over the last 10 years as MD and co-owner of Propellernet, Nikki transformed the Brighton based SEO agency into a global marketing organization and SAAS technology provider, serving the PR, content and search world with and This, hand in hand with Propellernet, being one of the top 15 Best Places to work in the UK, for 8 years running. Episode Highlights In this episode, Nikki and I talk about how to create and maintain a company culture that drives performance, boosts enthusiasm, increases engagement levels, and…makes life better at the same time. Here are some of the themes that we explore in this conversation: How a mix of curiosity, frustration and a belief that there’s a better way can lead you to an idea for a successful business Why putting wellbeing at the heart of your business boosts creativity and innovation Ways of bringing your company’s purpose to life, with concrete examples from Propellernet, including one simple question that you can use when making decisions What it means to have a people-first culture How Propellernet achieved 90% engagement rate The role that self-induced constraints can play in stimulating innovation and growth in your company Why you should rip up job descriptions and hire for the real (current and future) needs of your organization instead The pitfalls to be mindful of when building a people-first culture Reaching a perfect balance between profitability and people-focus The importance of language in cultivating a culture How your employees’ dreams and side-hustles might become a part of your company’s business plan The difference between being engaged and… superengaged The power of questions and helping employees become more curious and more inquisitive

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