Podcaster's Interview Series: Marc & Jan Rocheleau

Marc & Jan Rocheleau, podcaster + co-hosts of Blind Luminations podcast.

• By Scott Mathson, Founder @plinkhq

You’ve landed on the seventh VIPlink podcaster interview series article. This VIPlink Series highlights some of Plink’s loyal customers, detailing their podcasting processes, equipment, recommendations, and more. Get insights, advice, and go behind-the-scenes with your favorite podcasters.

Check out this interview with Marc & Jan Rocheleau of Blind Luminations!

Who are you and what podcast do you create?

"We are Marc and Jan from the Blind Luminations podcast, a show revolving around Marc being completely blind and how he and his fully-sighted wife deal with the issues surrounding the disability. Come for the blindness but stay for the fun! (We really are fun people... honest!)."

What tools do you use to record, edit, and publish your podcast?

"- Zoom H6 recorder
- Two AudioTechnica AT2100 microphones
- Amadeus Pro
- Audacity for audio editing"

What's your podcast listening app of choice?


What advice do you have for new podcasters?

"Don't just select a topic you're excited about in the moment. Make sure it's something you can picture yourself talking about several years from now and plan for the long term. Have a few episodes in the bank (we are terrible at this and it bites us in the butt.) Don't be afraid to try things out or scrap them if they aren't working. If the show starts feeling like a chore, stop recording and dream up a different idea that excites you. Podcasting should be fun, not a hassle."

"Don't be afraid to try things out or scrap them if they aren't working..." — Marc & Jan Rocheleau

What other podcasts do you listen to?

"Rock Candy, Grillin' JR, Song Exploder, Canadian True Crime"

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