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Plink makes universal links that podcasters love and listeners deserve.

As a podcast host myself, having started publishing shows back in 2008/2009, I needed an easier way to share my latest podcast Makerviews (2018). Also being a web developer, I started exploring how I could create an automatically up-to-date, single link with listening options to my podcast and its episodes within major apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on. A way to share podcasts that was both a better user experience and more accessible to all listeners, no matter the device they were tuning in from.

Created out of solving my own need, I quickly recognized that I was indeed "onto something", then starting down the path of creating a SaaS (software as a service) and beta testing a minimum-viable version of this product with other podcast hosts.

Plink has since grown from being a tool/solution for a handful of creators, on through to now being used daily by thousands of individual podcasters and a variety of networks, media companies, and businesses. I'm proud to own and operate this startup.

Plink empowers podcasters to grow their audiences and listenership easier by generating smart links for every podcast in existence that are free to use on an ad-supported/non-customizable tier or can be upgraded to a Pro paid subscription to gain access to customization options, integrations, and other features.

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Scott Mathson, Founder of Plink

I'm a maker and creator, myself. Alongside being the Founder of Plink, I have personally been into audio production both as a musician/songwriter and in having hosted podcasts, since 2008. I'm a solopreneur and have been working on Plink since 2018 (with a decade-plus of other tech experience including with Auth0 (Okta) and Netlify leading into it). Thanks for supporting small businesses and startups like mine!

Scott Mathson, Founder of Plink

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