Podcaster's Interview Series: Ethan Waldman

Ethan Waldman, podcaster + host of Tiny House Lifestyle podcast.

• By Scott Mathson, Founder @plinkhq

You’ve landed on the eighth VIPlink podcaster interview series article. This VIPlink Series highlights some of Plink’s loyal customers, detailing their podcasting processes, equipment, recommendations, and more. Get insights, advice, and go behind-the-scenes with your favorite podcasters.

Check out this interview with Ethan Waldman of Tiny House Lifestyle!

Ethan Waldman Tiny House Lifestyle interview photo

Who are you and what podcast do you create?

"Hey, I'm Ethan Waldman: Tiny House Author, Speaker, and Podcaster. I'm also the host of the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast."

What tools do you use to record, edit, and publish your podcast?

"All of my interviews are conducted remotely using Zoom, and recorded using Audio Hijack. I stream the live interviews into a private online community that I run called Tiny House Engage using the Youtube Live integration in Zoom. From there, I either cut the show myself in Hindenburg Journalist Pro or send it off to my awesome editor, Andy Rinaldi. I'm pretty sure he uses Logic."

What's your podcast listening app of choice? Why?

"Overcast. Smart Speed is amazing and I love their clip sharing feature for sharing bits from my show on Instagram."

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

"Start an email list and offer something for free to your listeners in exchange for signing up. Start doing this from your very first show on. With social media's constantly changing algorithms, having a dependable way to reach your listeners is really critical."

"Start an email list and offer something for free to your listeners..." — Ethan Waldman

What other podcasts do you listen to?

"The Gist, Accidental Tech Podcast, Akimbo, Reply All, Where Should We Begin?"

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