Podcasters behind-the-scenes: Ben Schragger

Ben Schragger, podcast producer of Fantasy Football Today podcast.

• By Scott Mathson, Founder @plinkhq

You’ve landed on the fifth VIPlink podcaster interview series article. This VIPlink Series highlights some of Plink’s loyal customers, detailing their podcasting processes, equipment, recommendations, and more. Get insights, advice, and go behind-the-scenes with your favorite podcasters.

Check out this interview with Ben Schragger of Fantasy Football Today!

Ben Schragger Fantasy Football Today interview photo

Who are you and what podcast do you create?

"My name is Ben Schragger and I'm a Podcast Producer at CBS Sports. I produce the Fantasy Football Today Podcast, a year-round podcast providing Fantasy advice."

What tools do you use to record, edit, and publish your podcast?

"Adobe Audition to record and edit; Megaphone to publish."

What's your podcast listening app of choice? Why?

"I primarily listen on Apple Podcasts, but I really enjoy trying a variety of apps. Apple was the first podcast app that I ever listened on, which is why I have a soft spot for listening there."

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

"I think two things are most important: preparation and interaction with listeners. The flow of the conversation can be guided by a well-prepared rundown, ensuring that key topics are covered in a way that's enjoyable for the listener. Connecting with listeners is essential, as a main goal of podcasters should be to build a community that listeners enjoy being a part of regularly. A great place to engage is on social, expanding the community beyond just the headphones."

"Connecting with listeners is essential..." — Ben Schragger

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