Podcasters behind-the-scenes: Bre Whittington

Bre Whittington, podcaster + co-host of Particularly Dangerous Situation podcast.

• By Scott Mathson, Founder @plinkhq

You’ve landed on the inaugural VIPlink podcaster interview series article. This VIPlink Series highlights some of Plink’s loyal customers, detailing their podcasting processes, equipment, recommendations, and more. Get insights, advice, and go behind-the-scenes with your favorite podcasters.

Check out this interview with Bre Whittington of Particularly Dangerous Situation!

Who are you and what podcast do you create?

"My co host Brett and myself are two ladies they talk disasters. Each week on Particularly Dangerous Situation we each tell the other about a disaster (man made or nature made), how it affected the area, and sometimes how it changed things in the future. I am currently a college student set to graduate in June with a BS in math that loves some numbers and stats. Brett is a weather nerd that is fascinated with how Mother Earth creates these disasters (unfortunately with some help from climate change)."

What tools do you use to record, edit, and publish your podcast?

"Currently we both use blue mics (a snowball and a yeti), record over Zoom, and edit with Garage Band. We use Anchor for publishing. We use the Plink link on social media to help get listeners right to the app they use to listen."

What's your podcast listening app of choice? Why?

"Currently I use the Apple Podcasts app. As a creature of habit it was what I used before I learned about the fact that there were other ones. I am planning on trying some others."

What advice do you have for new podcasters?

"Have fun! Just do it! Create an episode outline, that helped us. For our type of podcast we realized we needed to do research, write notes, then rewrite the info in a pseudo script for better flow. Our podcast has been some trial and error so far. Also don’t doubt the benefit of recording in a closet!"

"Don’t doubt the benefit of recording in a closet..." — Bre Whittington

What other podcasts do you listen to?

"And That’s Why We Drink, Ouija Broads, Beach Too Sandy Water Too Wet, This is a Disaster, The Cornfield Meet, Demiworld. The list goes on for sure, but those are some that are playing on my app now."

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