The #1 Mistake Podcasters Make on Social Media - As told by podcast marketer

Hear from voice marketing expert Emily Binder as she shares podcast social media linking, growth, and engagement best practices and techniques.

• By Scott Mathson (@scottmathson)

What do you do when a happy customer of the podcast smart linking service that you’ve created releases a video about it?

Well, put it up on your product’s blog and share the heck out of it, of course! :-)

Emily Binder has been a Plink customer from early on - over the past 2+ years she’s been an advocate of podcast smart linking, often recommending audio marketing techniques like smart linking to her fellow podcast and flashing briefing creators. The content featured in this post are no exception to her advocacy - thanks Emily, it means the world!

When this video was released, it was a complete surprise for Plink. The tips and techniques shared in this short video (and in the accompanying 4-minute podcast episode below) are spot-on. Check it out!

Video’s audio-to-text transcript:

Hi, do you know the number one mistake that most people make when
sharing their podcast or flash briefing on social media?

Hi, my name is Emily Binder, I'm a marketing strategist, podcast
host, and voice technology lady.

Here is the biggest mistake that everybody keeps making: they're not
sharing their podcast with one, single universal link. One CTA -
simple, easy. They're sharing Apple Podcasts, and Google Play
[Podcasts], and Spotify, and Stitcher, and six different links.
They don't have a single hub home Show Page, they don't have a
single, universal smart link.

And what happens as a result is what's called cognitive load in the
person who's seeing that tweet, or post, or message and has to
decide where to click. 

The easy solution is called Plink - it's something that I personally
use for my show. It's something that I recommend to all my clients
and this is not sponsored, this is not an ad. This is purely a tip
that I just hope all of you will start using because you'll be able
to much more easily and effectively share your podcast. 

You can find out more at That's p-l-i-n-k and I hope that you check it out because the
goal here is to make it really easy for anyone who listens on any
podcast app to easily subscribe to your show. It's a really cool
tool it's a little startup, this isn't some big corporation. I like
to support small businesses and creative people doing neat things
in tech.

So, check out

The goal here is to make it really easy for anyone who listens on any podcast app to easily subscribe to your show. — Emily Binder

And beyond this awesome video, Emily put together a very thorough review and write-up about Plink at the link that she mentions in the video above.

And beyond all of the above, Emily yet again surprised Plink with this 4-min brief podcast episode embedded below (via Plink Embeds, of course). Within this episode, she goes into a bit more depth about what she shared in video above.

Upon discovery of these authentic shout-outs and testimonials of Plink by Emily (and other industry experts) is what encouraged me to then put together an affiliate program. Rewarding those who take the time to put forth such informative and helpful content like this is an all around fulfilling endeavor.

Want to dig in to more Plink podcast linking features? We previously wrote How to smart link to specific podcast episodes with Plink. Beyond a dedicated podcast landing page with app links, Plink also automatically generates episode-specific smart podcast links as you release new episodes that can be shared on social, in email — anywhere.

As Emily said, one central call-to-action is key - one clear action to take. Directing potential listeners and subscribers to podcast apps where they’ll actually be able to consume your podcast on, is crucial for increasing listenership.

Confidently share Plink podcast links on any social platform, in bios, emails, show notes, websites — anywhere.

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