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Suzzie Vehrs: Empowered Birth

Suzzie Vehrs is a childbirth educator and the founder of She Births Bravely, an organization that provides comprehensive education and support for expecting parents. She has worked with hundreds of families on their journey towards childbirth and parenting. Suzzie is passionate about empowering parents to make informed decisions about their birthing and parenting experiences. She uses evidence-based information and practical tools to help parents prepare for birth, breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, and early parenting. Her classes are designed to be inclusive, respectful, and supportive of all types of birth choices, including natural childbirth, medicated childbirth, and cesarean birth. Her mission is to help mothers create a birth experience that is safe, empowering and leaves them deeply bonded with their family. Suzzie’s info: Website: https://shebirthsbravely.com/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/shebirthsbravely Instagram: https://instagram.com/shebirthsbravely Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/moregigglingmoments Please click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! Visit http://drlaurabrayton.com/podcasts/ for show notes and available downloads. © 2014 - 2024 Dr. Laura Brayton

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