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Matt Hancock vs The Grim Reaper

Matt Hancock fails to win over bereaved families at the UK Covid-19 Inquiry, as they turn their backs on him while another confronts him dressed as the grim reaper. Nish and Coco get to grips with ‘greedflation’ as MPs question supermarket bosses about their huge salaries. Plus Coco questions why Labour has an all-white all-male line up of candidates for the upcoming by-elections. And Nish is disheartened by a report that finds cricket is racist, sexist and elitist - the “full fruit machine” of prejudice! We continue ‘Chat Shit Get Banged’, our campaign to stop politicians lying, with the help of John Humphrys, former presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme. The man once labelled the BBC’s ‘Rottweiler in chief’ reflects on his 33 years holding politicians to account, including memorable encounters with Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher.

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