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Don’t mess with a Baroness

Nish and Coco ask how we can save the UK from knife crime. It turns out we have evidence of what works - so why aren’t we doing it? We meet Jon Yates, who leads a charity that has been given £200 million by the Home Office to research what works and then put it into practice. He’s trialling a targeted, interventionist approach, called ‘focused deterrence’ which helped Glasgow dramatically reduce violent crime. Those lessons are now going to be applied in 5 cities in the UK. One of those is Nottingham, a city that’s home to Dr Marcellus Baz, a community champion who turned his life around after being stabbed - what does he think of Jon’s plans? Nish and Coco also cut through the rows about notebooks and WhatsApp messages to talk about why the Covid Inquiry really matters - they have a message for  the government: “don’t mess with a Baroness”. Plus we salute the Secret Tory and ask is the Post Office racist?

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