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More Than Words: Treating the Whole Child

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Teaching Language Through Music with Wesley Diener

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Wesley Diener about Teaching Language Through Music. Wesley is a singer and vocal music educator in the Chicago area. He is the founder and owner of WD Studio where students learn to use their voices to their full potential through virtual voice training. Today you will learn:   What WD Studio is The age range they teach What a typical vocal coaching session looks like What it’s like working with younger students If they see boosts in articulation after working with students What it’s like to work with young non-native speakers If students grasp language more quickly after working with a voice coach If clients gain more confidence after working a voice coach   Links and Resources: WD Studio: Instagram Facebook Youtube   Make sure to subscribe and follow us on social media so you never miss an episode! Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Youtube: LinkedIn:

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