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Children & Phone Usage with Shira Woodlee

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Shira Woodlee about Children & Phone Usage at Bedtime. Shira is an executive function coach in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. She's the founder and owner of EdFront Online, where they specialize in advocacy, executive function coaching, and online college coaching.  Today we will answer these questions:   Why do you think children are on their phones at night instead of going to bed? How is it affecting them the following day?  Is it having long term effects on things like their homework, focus, mental well being, etc? What do you recommend Parents do to combat this?Does phone usage affect executive functioning at other points in the day other than bedtime? Should parents limit cell phone usage?   Do you have tips for parents to help their children avoid being on their cell phones so much?   More about Shira: Shira Woodlee founded EdFront in 2013 with the goal of personalizing support through coaching one-to-one. Shira's dedication to supporting students and their families in receiving the most equitable education possible has brought coaching and tutoring support to many students. Every day, Shira works directly with students to ensure success in their academic life by promoting their strengths and advocating for their areas of challenge. Shira began her journey in education as a Resource Specialist in various high school settings and as a private academic coach, leading her to serve in many roles inside and outside of the school setting. As she continued to coach her students, she honed her coaching techniques and now directly works in triage with her whole team to ensure support for as many students as possible. Shira is honored to work with incredible coaches and tutors who are all on the mission to support unique and misunderstood students to meet their highest personal potential.   Links and Resources: EdFront Online:   Make sure to subscribe and follow us on social media so you never miss an episode! Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Youtube:  LinkedIn: 

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