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More Than Words: Treating the Whole Child

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Coaching Parents To See Beyond Their Children’s Behavior With Jen Dryer

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Jen Dryer about Coaching Parents To See Beyond Their Children’s Behavior. Jen is a parent coach, advocate, and educational consultant in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. Jen specializes in supporting families and teachers of neuro-different children.  Today we will answer these questions: Why would a parent need coaching? Who needs parent coaching? What does parent coaching look like? How long does parent coaching normally last? How do you help parents see beyond their child’s behavior if it’s disruptive? Should parents and their children receive their own separate support at the same time? If so, should they receive support from the same provider?  What benefits do parents see after getting coaching?   More about Jen   Jen Dryer, MA, is a parent coach, advocate and educational consultant who supports families and teachers of neuro-different children. Jen has more than 20 years of experience working with children, families, and teachers in both NYC and DC as a public school teacher, staff developer, and parent advocate. Her younger son is autistic and has ADHD, and her older son has ADHD. Jen wants to help parents feel seen, heard, and understood in the challenges they face raising an Orchid Kid. Her goal is to empower them to better understand and support the child who is in front of them, rather than the child who they wished they had been tasked to raise.  Realizing the power of community and connection in weathering the challenges of raising neuro-different children, she wants to assist parents in connecting with others who are navigating similar paths.  Jen values giving parents the space to reflect on what they really want, while stripping away the “shoulds” and the perspectives of those around them (family, peers, teachers, society, etc.). Her desire is to empower them to connect with their own internal values as they find creative ways to allow their Orchid Kid to feel loved, appreciated, connected, and competent.  Links and Resources: Jen’s practice: Make sure to subscribe and follow us on social media so you never miss an episode! Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Youtube:  LinkedIn: 

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