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Episode 25 : Megan Perkins

We love supporting local artists in Spokane, and in this episode, we’re excited to talk to the illustrious Megan Perkins! You’ve probably seen her beautiful work around Spokane and maybe not known it - she’s known for her beautiful watercolor paintings of Spokane landmarks, including Manito Park, Gonzaga University, and many more. Megan has exhibited in many venues in the Spokane region including the Chase Gallery, Terrain, Jundt Art Museum and more. She is a member at Pottery Place Plus, and teaches at the Spokane Art School, NW Museum of Art and Culture, and Corbin Art Center. Today, we’ll chat with her about what inspires her, a recent mentorship opportunity she received - and you won’t want to miss what she has to say about the Spokane painting scene! --- Support this podcast:

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