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Episode 101: "From Corporate to Creative: Keith Harrop's Pencil-Powered Journey"

In today's episode, we're exploring the remarkable journey of artist Keith Harrop, who transitioned from the bustling streets of England to the heart of the Inland Northwest. Leaving behind a corporate job, he embraced his passion for art, dedicating himself to the craft full-time. Keith's dedication to his art shines through in his exquisite pencil drawings, each featuring charming characters with distinct personalities. His unique style and dedication have culminated in an upcoming coffee table book, which will showcase these captivating characters and their stories, as well as leading a group of artists to prepare for an exciting art show at the Jacklin Center in Post Falls. Learn more at This episode dives into Keith's inspiring journey, his creative process, and what makes his art truly special. You won't want to miss learning about this phenomenal artist and his upcoming projects.

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