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Episode 18 : Tina Mason (Women's Health & MSk Physiotherapist)

Join Alexis and Beccy as they talk to the fabulous Tina Mason - women’s health physio extraordinaire about all thing’s pelvic health. From how to look after your pelvic floor, how to do your exercises properly, how to recognize if you have a pelvic organ prolapse and how to get help and treatment with that. The girls also have a little chat about getting back in the sack after birth and how to do that so it isn’t stressful or painful for you. Thank you SO much to the gorgeous Tina Mason for all her amazing info and advice.   If you are suffering with any incontinence or pelvic pain, please don’t suffer in silence. Book in with a women’s health physio for a check-up or visit your GP and ask for a physio referral. You can find Tina over in Instagram at @womens_health_brighton and visit her website Here are some good NHS resources for further information:   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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