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Episode 12 : Jess Warner (The Only Girl In The House)

Alexis and Beccy are joined today by the wonderfully positive and downright lovely Jess Warner, to talk all things parenting, mental health, addiction, blended families and that million dollar question - how do you manage screen times with teens!?! Jess is an award winning digital content creator, consultant and educator. She also has a brilliant blog and Instagram page where she shares stories from the front line, covering topics such as parenting teens, being a blended family with 5 boys, having a neurodiverse child and life after divorce and depression. @theonlygirlinthehouse This episode contains subjects that some listeners may find triggering: Contains reference to addiction and depression -if you need support, please do reach out to the following charities / / Please get in touch with us over at @the_mother_box / @notes_from_the_mother_box /  Luxury pregnancy and postnatal gift boxes available at  The Little Book of Self Care for Mums to Be - The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums - Notes From The Mother Box is a Factory Originals Production   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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