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#106 - Hotline Edition: Why You Shouldn’t Exchange Phone Numbers on a Dating App Before The First Date

 It’s another edition of the Ask a Matchmaker Hotline. There’s a real theme this week with all of the questions that you can take away: HAVE FUN! It’s summer! Get out there! Go meet people! Enjoy life! Don’t overthink it! This week we talk about.. Why shouldn’t we exchange phone numbers on a dating app before our first date? I currently live overseas and will be moving back to the states next year. What can I do to prepare myself for dating in America again? I had a long term relationship. When do I know when to start dating again? What are the next moves? New dates posted for Agape Intensive (virtual) for Fall 2022!  Prefer to do the Agape Intensive in real life?  Follow Maria on Instagram to be on a future Hotline episode at Visit to learn more about Maria's company, Agape Match! 

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