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#91 - Decoding Your Text Messages with Dr. Mimi Winsberg

 When it comes to modern relationships, our thumbs do the talking. We swipe right into a stranger’s life, flirt inside text bubbles, spill our hearts onto the screen, and use emojis to convey desire, frustration, and rage. Where once we pored over love letters, now we obsess over response times, or wonder why the three-dot ellipsis came. . . and went. Nobody knows this better than our guest this week, Dr. Mimi Winsberg. A Harvard- and Stanford-trained psychiatrist who cofounded a behavioral health startup while serving as resident psychiatrist at Facebook HQ, her work frequently finds her at the intersection of Big Data and Big Dating. Like all of us, Winsberg has been handed many a smartphone accompanied by the urgent plea: “What does this mean?” Unlike all of us, she knows the answer. She is a text whisperer. Pick up her new book, Speaking in Thumbs, at Learn more about Dr. WInsberg at   To learn when Maria will open up the next Ask a Matchmaker Hotline, follow her at Follow Agape Match on Instagram at Follow the podcast on Instagram at 

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