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BONUS: Maria Talks to Her Tech Team Who Escaped from Ukraine

Hey-- Maria here. I have but a few platforms, and I'm going to utilize them when it comes to getting unheard stories out, even if it's not "dating and relationship" oriented. I run a dating company and the people in this episode help me spread love. Now I want to spread awareness to the humanitarian crisis unfolding.  In this episode, you'll hear an unedited version of events that our tech team experienced and continues to experience in the current conflict in Ukraine, including Arthur's first hand account of crossing the border and Tim's communication with the rest of the team in Central Ukraine. Since recording, the team in Central Ukraine has found themselves in more danger and are now hiding underground.  Some resources I have found helpful: Why is this happening? How you can help: Donate here for emergency humanitarian aid: Follow Maria on Instagram to get updates from the team: 

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