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Lessons in Orthopaedic Leadership: An AOA Podcast

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Why Attend: AOA Annual Leadership Meeting: An interview with Meeting Chair, Rex Haydon, MD, FAOA

Hosts Charles A. Goldfarb, MD, FAOA and Emerging Leader, Alexander W. Aleem, MD, interview Rex Haydon, MD, FAOA, Chair of the 2020 Annual Meeting of The American Orthopaedic Association. Dr. Haydon shares insights on the meeting, the program, and special guests. Key takeaways include a discussion on how the AOA Annual Meeting provides leadership development and GME education, which differs from the clinical aspects of other orthopaedic meetings. Surgeons across the career spectrum benefit from these lectures and discussion, as well as the critical issues symposia. Early career surgeons, in particular, will gain insights into meeting components to increase leadership development and networking. Special thanks to Peter Martin of Peter Martin Music, Inc (@iampetermartin) for the jazz introduction and conclusion. www.aoassn.org

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