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Lessons in Orthopaedic Leadership: An AOA Podcast

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Connecting in Person: An Interview with Dr. Steve Frick, 2022 Annual Meeting Program Chair

On today’s episode of Lessons in Orthopedic Leadership, our hosts Dr. Charles A. Goldfarb, MD, FAOA and Dr. Alexander Aleem, MD interview Dr. Steven Frick.  Dr. Frick is the Division Chief of Pediatric Orthopaedics at Stanford University and is the Program Chair for the AOA's 135th Annual Leadership Meeting in Providence this June. Dr. Frick tells us all about the meaningful, cutting edge content that has been assembled and the opportunities to connect in-person after the pandemic prevented that for a couple of years. The AOA Program Committee relied on membership to submit content ideas for symposia and forums, and this year’s meeting contains a focus on the need for more diversity in orthopaedics, a look at the future of orthopaedics for up and coming leaders, and how different organizations can work in tandem. The first symposium will be about how to build a great orthopaedic department for the next decade, and we’ll hear the data on some challenges that face orthopaedic leaders who are building their departments.  Secondly, there will be a very interesting symposium on how artificial intelligence can help us in our clinics. The third symposium is about gender justice in academic medicine, with Charles Day, MD, MBA, FAOA,  Ann E. Van Heest, MD, FAOA, Kim Templeton, MD, FAOA, and Lisa Lattanza, MD, FAOA. Symposium four will explore the importance of good science and the foundational necessity of excellent research. Symposium five will be all about the role of the AOA and how different organizations should relate and encourage leadership in the world of orthopedics. Symposium six will dissect the topic of leadership and education during and after Covid 19. Dr. Frick reminds us on the episode that a leader’s role is to adapt and move forward; the pandemic has changed things and it’s important to define how to lead and teach in this new normal.  In addition to those topics, come join us to hear from external talent that will lead us to tackle our leadership challenges in new and better ways. Register for the meeting: https://www.aoassn.org/2022-annual-leadership-meeting/ Read more on Dr. Frick: www.stanfordchildrens.org/en/doctor/steven-l-frick  

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