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Sheldon Kennedy and the scars that last a lifetime |13

In the fall of 1996, the Canadian sports world was rocked by a major sex abuse scandal. NHL player Sheldon Kennedy courageously went forward to police to reveal he suffered years of abuse at the hands of his childhood coach, Graham James. When Kennedy broke his silence, it started an important conversation around sexual assault and opened the door for others to do the same. In 1997, James pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two former players -- including Kennedy. He admitted to sexually assaulting the boys hundreds of times. Since then, according to the Parole Board of Canada, there are six victims named on his record but the board notes he’s “admitted to have had sexual intercourse with around 20 hockey players he was coaching ... using manipulation, control and his position of trust and authority to facilitate the assaults.” One of the other hockey players James has admitted to sexually assaulting, is former NHL star Theo Fleury. In this episode of the Global News podcast, Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt shares the stories of four men who James abused as boys. Learn the shocking details of how signs were ignored -- so were outright requests for help from hockey officials. These men now work every day to empower victims and take control back from their abusers. Hear their inspiring stories in “the scars that last a lifetime.” Contact: Twitter: @nancyhixt Facebook: Email: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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