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E62 - Gur Shatz (Founder, President & COO At Cato Networks)

Welcome to our podcast, where we interview trailblazers who have made a significant impact by being human beings performing at their best. Today, we're excited to have Gur Shatz as our guest. Gur is an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded Incapsula, a cloud-based web application security and acceleration company that was later acquired by Imperva. In 2015, he co-founded Cato Networks with Shlomo Kramer, a leading all-in-one enterprise networking and security solution delivered from the cloud. Gur and Shlomo's vision for Cato Networks has been a resounding success. In just five years, they have raised an impressive $532M at a $2.5B valuation, and as of 2022, have surpassed $100M ARR. This makes Cato the fastest-growing networking and security startup, outperforming even industry giants like LinkedIn. In fact, Cato's growth rate is faster than many consumer-oriented brands, such as Wix, Zapier, Canva, and Shopify. We discuss: • How Cato Networks came to be and how experience in a field plays an advantage • How the team went about acquiring market acceptance • Selling to customers before you have a solution that’s 100% functional • The need to convey confidence while experiencing constant paranoia and concern • How past success can also be an impediment to future success • The fear of growing into a large non-agile organization • What happens when leaders lose touch with what’s actually going on in “the trenches” • Gur’s leadership formula for time management • The importance of blocking time eternal learning • And much more! We hope you enjoy your listen!

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