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E60 - Amir Haramaty (Co-Founder & CEO Aiola)

Welcome to another episode of the Real Life Superpowers podcast. Today, we have a guest who is a true pioneer in the world of AI and intelligence platforms. He’s currently the CEO of Aiola, a company on a mission to connect the promise of AI to the masses. With his extensive experience in commercial strategy and execution, our guest has driven over $1 billion in impact, for some of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies, across more than 20 industries. He’s held key positions at cybersecurity and digital marketing companies that have been involved in several notable acquisitions by giants such as Microsoft and Facebook. We discuss: • The moment in Amir’s life, after which everything was different, and he realized how fragile life is, and decided to make the most of his short time on earth. • The danger of becoming too comfortable. • The power of partnerships. • Predicting vs. reacting - what dots are you failing to connect? • The impact and potential of storytelling in business and in everyday life. • The threat that AI poses, if not handled ethically and responsibly. • ..and much more! Enjoy your listen!

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