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E56 - Udi Ziv (CEO of Earnix)

“Entrepreneurship is an instinct, it’s not about experience. It’s either you have it, or you don't. You can learn some of the traits, but I think it's something that is mostly instinctive”. [we apologize for the quality of the sound in this episode, we’re aware it’s challenging to listen to Udi but we decided to release it despite the technical obstacle here because we think he’s worth it] In this episode, we speak with Udi Ziv, CEO of Earnix - a startup that he’s stepped into to scale and successfully turned into a unicorn. He’s a serial entrepreneur, selected by the Wall Street Journal as one of 100 Israeli tech leaders you need to know. He has a lot of experience-based insights on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. We discuss: • Balance as a theme in life • The product vs service dilemma • Finding a product market fit through providing services and finding commonalities • The problematic trend of overlooking profitability in the pursuit of growth • The shift from startup to enterprise • And much more Enjoy your listen! We’re excited to collaborate with the Israeli website CTech by Calcalist, owned by Calcalist כלכליסט - Israel's leading business newspaper. CTech is the gateway of the Israeli high-tech to the tech world and vice versa. If you’re not already a regular reader, we strongly recommend you check it out and stay up to date on all high-impact stories from the Israeli tech scene. Image credit: Eli Dasa Zooming out, if you like listening to this podcast, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss new conversations with peak performers, serving as a reminder we can all tap into the best versions of ourselves. You’re also welcome to follow Ronen and Noa on Linkedin • Ronen Menipaz on Linkedin • Noa Eshed on Linkedin And if we may ask for a favor - please leave us a review on your native podcast app. Some further resources: • Real Life Superpowers podcast on Ctech • The podcast website

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