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Randy Evins, SR. Principal & Industry Advisor, Food, Drug & Convenience at SAP

Unleashing the Power of Customer Data in Retail with Randy Evins In a world where customer data is the key to success, retail executives are faced with a daunting challenge. Join Randy Evins SR. Principal & Industry Advisor, Food Drug & Convenience at SAP Retail and Morgan Petty, in this podcast he reveals the secrets to customer adaptive retailing and data-driven decision making. But what happens when the data silos are broken down and the truth is uncovered? Find out in this gripping episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat. In this episode, you will be able to: - Uncover the progression of retail in the technologically driven era and the opportunities it presents. - Discover the significant role of personalized retailing and its influence on customer retention. - Learn why dismantling data silohs can be game-changing for your retail business. - Gain a unique perspective on how customer data can empower retail decisions to maximize ROI. Unearth methods of streamlining inventory for sustainable profitability in the grocery retail sector.


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