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5 small things that make a big difference when building your online business

It's really easy to get distracted when looking for ways to stimulate your business growth. There always seems to be some big, new, shiny idea that's just around the corner, right? However, it's often the small things - like drilling down on your current operation and making some small tweaks that can deliver growth results too. In today's episode, I share with you 5 small things that can mean big wins - without shiny object syndrome. - Why tweaking your mindset to prioritise long-term growth over short-term wins will get you closer, faster. - How to be crystal clear when articulating why YOU are the expert and why your clients need you and your services. - The overwhelming benefit of audience feedback and the opportunities that it can create. - Why regularly analysing your numbers will pave the way for logical action and imperative goal setting. - The benefit of creating consistency and structure around marketing and audience growth activities. SHOW LINKS: - Get Offer Less, Sell More: - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits: - Want me to spend a day working on your next launch? Book a VIP intensive: - Get The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan: - Get a 30-day free trial of Kajabi: Let's be Instagram friends:

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