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Q&A: Your questions about building a profitable online business answered

In this episode, I'm answering a range of questions that came out of the recent audience survey around building a profitable online business. - 1. Your daily and weekly routine, distribution of activities, work life balance? (1:53) - 2. How to keep your audience engaged between launches? (03:56) - 3. How do i reach more people? (05:25) - 4. How many hours per week (on an ongoing basis) does it take to run an online course? Am I setting myself up to be more busy? (07:08) - 5. What do you wish you knew when you very first started? (08:54) - 6. How to choose format for courses - group with certain start time, "evergreen", etc? (10:03) - 7. Where should I spend my time and money to get the biggest return? How do I do this without spending 80 hours a week on it? (12:03) - 8. How do you determine how much time to spend on what activities, how do you know what is a "profit moving activity" when there aren't any profits yet? (14:00) - 9. Attracting the right audience when they're ready to buy? (16:25) - 10. Do you hire people to help you with things? How do you do it all? (18:10) - 11. How long did it take you to get into a flow of marketing yourself and growing your audience to your products? (19:48) - 12. How much should I give away for free? (21:27) - 13. How to take a 1:1 or small group offer and make it scalable? (22:56) - 14. What are some pros and cons, and tips for paid advertising? (24:58) - 15. What do you use to schedule all your socials? (28:30) - 16. What do you use as your project management system? When is a good time to start using this? (29:04) - 17. How do you get admin support? When do you decide when you need VA help? (29:44) - 18. How did you go from just you to having others help you and are they working full time or part time for you? (30:56) - 19. How can I feel more confident about marketing and software operation? (31:36) - 20. How do you remain consistent? (33:12) - 21. Are you glad you did it? (33:51) - 22. Is it possible to build a profitable business selling relatively inexpensive products and courses? (34:26) - 23. Is it possible to grow when offering a bespoke service (like branding) not a strictly online business or course? (35:47) - 24. When is the best time to start paid traffic? (36:32) - 25. How to undertake market research to ensure the product we're building will be something people buy? (37:09) - 26. What is the key to scaling a tiny offer? (38:03) - 27. If you think you’re the first one doing something in your industry (which I think I might be) what are the pros and cons of this and how do you navigate it? (39:42) - 28. What systems do you have in place to help make your business run more easily and without as much daily input from you? (41:36) - 29. How did you shift from agency type model to your online business without taking a huge financial hit? (43:44) - 30. Is there a way to launch multiple mini courses without the huge launch strategy? (44:38) SHOW LINKS: - Learn more about Boost Your Brands Superfans: - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - Join the waitlist for the September round of Launch Magic: - Get The A-Z Podcast Launch Plan: Let's be Instagram friends:

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