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Star Wars: Convergence (High Republic) By Zoraida Córdova; Overview & Spoiler-Free Book Review – Phase 2, Wave 1 of THR; Set 350 Years Before The Skywalker Saga

THE FOREVER WAR BETWEEN EIRAM & E’RONOH ENDS… OR DOES IT?! The novel Convergence is the focus of this episode; Mike provides an overview of Phase 2 of The High Republic, noting Phase 2’s intro crawl and provides his spoiler-free thoughts on the novel. He then reads the blurb provides more information on the book, lightly speaking about characters and themes. Nearer the end, Mike gives the final spoiler-warning and talks in-depth about the characters and gives an overview of the book’s plot! This book is the third book in the second phase of the High Republic, it centres around the Forever War between the connected worlds of Eiram & E’ronoh, where the young royals Xiri & Phan-Tu try to bring the planets together and end the war, with the help of the Jedi Gella Nattai and Chancellor Greylark’s son Axel, but it seems more is happening behind the scenes, as every step towards peace seems to bring more destruction and pain… Convergence is an adult novel written by Zoraida Córdova, it is set in Phase 2, Wave 1 of THR; 350 years before the Skywalker Saga and was released November 22nd 2022. Shoutout to @BlueMilkMama for the great Greylark discussion, and for just being awesome! Mike has tackled every piece of the High Republic content on this show! Phase 2 kicked off with his Path Of Deceit review on 7th January 2023 and the Quest For The Hidden City review on February 4th 2023. Phase 1 comic eps started with ep 84 & ended with 99. For the phase 1 book reviews, Light Of The Jedi was March 2021 & the last was Midnight Horizon (Nov ’22). The first 3 episodes of the Mandalorian discussion show are out now! Found on this podcast feed and video versions are on YouTube! Last week, in ep 122, Mike continues the final chapter of the Qi’ra trilogy along with the Bounty Hunters & Aphra comic crossovers! As The Archivist & Kho Phon Farrus reactivate the Fermata Cage, Palpatine & Vader notice and take pursuit! Meanwhile, Sana Starros, Just Lucky & their crew attempt to kill Domina Tagge for her nephew Ronen and T’onga & the Bounty Hunter crew confront Beilert Valance with a truth the Empire has been harbouring from him for too long… Subscribe to the Pop Culture Collective Newsletter for weekly updates on both of Mike’s shows and plenty of other incredible creators, here: To hear Mike’s exclusive Legends book reviews, including Shatterpoint, Darth Bane Trilogy, Rogue Squadron & Darth Plagueis, plus movie & TV “Afterthoughts” episodes, support the show at Find all of Mike's social media & links at Outro read by BZ The Voice: Intro theme arranged by Mike Burton, backing music by Eric Matyas at Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 01:24 Background/Book Info 02:08 Phase 1&2 Overview/Timeline 05:22 Spoiler-Free Thoughts & Crawl 18:13 Blurb & Minor Spoiler-Warning 20:04 Themes, Character Briefs & Mild Spoilers 33:00 Final Spoiler Warning 33:30 Plot Overview & More Character Info (Spoilers) 43:36 Notable Moments 46:33 Final Thoughts 48:05 Future High Republic Content 49:56 Future Content (Not THR) 51:27 Support & Patreon 52:54 Solo Podcast Feed 53:31 Star Wars Interviews 54:25 Pop Culture Collective 54:58 Outro --- Send in a voice message:

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