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Great Moments in Weed History

Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock



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Abdullah's Stoned Standup Started in Portland

We're headed to Portland, OR next month for a live taping of this podcast, so we decided to stop, smell the Rose City, and celebrate a personal great moment in weed history that took place right there in Pot-land.  Specifically, the time Bean sprung the surprise of trying stand up comedy live, for the first time, in front of a club full of stoned stoners, on Abdullah as part of an episode of Bong Appetit. As so often happens, getting thrown into the deep end (and getting by with a little help from local legend Ganja Jon), led to a whole new life journey. You're gonna wanna roll up some laughing grass for this one! GREAT MOMENTS IN WEED HISTORY - LIVE IN PORTLAND ON SEPT 10 Abdullah and Bean will be appearing live at the Helium Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon on September 10th for a live taping of an all-new episode of Great Moments in Weed History. Please grab tickets now, and tell all your friends who live in Oregon to come get high on history with us! PATREON Please support Great Moments in Weed HIstory on Patreon. Supporters get exclusive access to video shows and seshes, plus access to cool rewards like a signed book or signature lighter. And it truly helps us make the best show possible.

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