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Great Moments in Weed History

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Weed History in the Middle East

In a fertile band stretching from North Africa to Southeast Asia, cannabis cultivation and hashish production dates back countless centuries.  From the ancient history of the plant throughout the Middle East to the evolution of cannabis culture in Morocco, India, Egypt, Nepal, and other traditional hashish regions, get ready to have a fascinating time getting high on history with this weed's guest. Dr. Maziyar Ghiabr is Director for the Centre of Persian And Iranian Studies at the University of Exeter’s Institute for Islamic and Arabic Studies.  Maziyar is also the author of a fascinating new book called We Smoke Flowers: On Being High in Postrevolutionary Iran that traces the custom's roots to a pre-Islamic faith called Zoroastrianism, and explores its flowering in modern day Iran.  Help Make This Podcast Possible! Please support Great Moments in Weed HIstory on Patreon. Supporters get exclusive access to a video version of the show and extra seshes, plus access to cool rewards like a signed book. And it truly helps us make the best show possible.  EPISODE ARCHIVE Visit our Great Moments in Weed History podcast feed for 90+ episodes of our classic format, and subscribe now to get a new weekly podcast every other Weednesday.

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